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In our stores, in addition to our staff's knowledge about holistic products, we offer printed materials to help educate our customers about the products they are buying. It is our goal to offer as much of that material as possible to our on-line customers, as well.

This on-line Library will not be static; that is, we will constantly add new items as they come to our attention. We hope you will be able to find the information you are seeking here and, if not, please feel free to email us and we will do our best to answer your holistic food and supplement questions.

Anne Hyle, BA, MS, DVM, CVA

Nutrition is the Key to your Pet's Health
Anne Hyle, BA, MS, DVM, CVA

It is probably no surprise that proper nutrition is the most important factor in your pet's health. Feeding an optimal diet will prevent many health problems in your companion including skin and ear disease as well as more serious issues such as metabolic diseases, arthritis, and cancer. The allergies that are so common here in Florida may be significantly reduced or eliminated by feeding a healthy diet. Click HERE for more.

The Role of Supplements
By Jaime Gonzalez, DVM, CVA

Supplements are an integral part of any nutritional plan designed for overall good health. They complement the diet and can be specifically tailored to a pet according to age, physical needs, body condition, and even personality type. Their healing properties of cell detoxification and anti-aging make them invaluable tools for easing pain and inflammation, helping to resolving infections, and boosting the immune system.Click HERE for more.

Dog Health

A Pet Owner's Guide to the Dog Crate
by Nicki Meyer

Canine Bloat (Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus): Ways to Reduce the Risk
by Elizabeth Chandler

Does Your Dog Food Bark? A Study of the Pet Food Fallacy
by Ann Martin

The Neem Tree
by Patrick J. McDonald

The Secret of Neem
by Maura B. Thompson

The Use of Direct-Fed Microbials in Dogs
by Larry Roth, PhD

Cat Health

Feline Urinary Syndrome
by Cindy Tittle Moore

Upper Respiratory Disease
by Cindy Tittle Moore

For Both Cats and Dogs
Articles About Holistic Pet Food

The Benefits of Grain-Free food
by Val Clows and Elizabeth Chandler

Orijen: White Paper
The Biological Food Concept and the Dietary Needs of Domestic Dogs and Cats

Holistic Equals Wholistic
by Elizabeth Chandler

A Comparison of Herbs
by Patrick J. McDonald

Rationale for Probiotic Supplementation
Presented by Wysong

Confused About Pet Food?
by Val Clows

Do You Really Expect Me to Feed That to My Pet?
Presented by Happy Paws
Clearwater, FL

Do You Really Know What's in Your Pet Food?
by Val Clows

Does Your Dog Food Bark? A Study of the Pet Food Fallacy
by Ann Martin

Meat vs. Meal on Pet Food Labeling
Prepared by Canidae Pet Food

The Truth About Holistic Pet Health
by Joy Drawdy

The Truth About Pet Food
by Elizabeth Chandler

Understanding Pet Food Labels
by Val Clows

Read the Labels!
Gulf Coast Dog Magazine

The Pet Food Falacy
Gulf Coast Dog Magazine

So How Do you Choose the Right Food?
Gulf Coast Dog Magazine

Articles About Holistic Supplements

Health Enzymes and Your Pet
by T.R. Robeck, DVM, PhD

Herbs Are Vitamins Too!
by Olga McDonald

Improving your Pet's Health with Supplements
by Val Clows

The Best Kept Secret of Health
by Patrick J. McDonald

Rationale for Enzyme Supplementation
Presented by Wysong

Comparing Protein levels in dry or canned food

How to Compare Foods on Dry Matter Basis

Protein percentages on cans vs. dry cannot be directly compared; they must first be converted to "dry matter." To do this, you will need 2 numbers: Protein and Moisture % (from Guaranteed Analysis panel on food)

  • Subtract Moisture % from 100 (ex. 100 – 10% = 90%)
  • Divide the Protein % by Value Found Above
    (ex. 42% Protein divided by 90% = 46.6)

Using this formula, you can accurately compare the protein levels of canned foods, raw foods, and dry foods.

Canned food with 9% protein & 78% moisture (9 divided by 22 = 40%)
Dry food with 30% protein & 10% moisture (30 divided by 90 = 33%)

Article about Financial Help

Organizations that can help with Veterinary costs in case of hardships


Electric Collar Training Reviewed
By Conni Borwick

Hurricane Safety Senior Pets

Hurricane Season
by Elizabeth Chandler

Caring for Senior Pets
by Elizabeth Chandler

Traveling With Your Pet Other Articles

Safe Travels with Your Pet
by Elizabeth Chandler

The Horses of Proud Spirit
by Elizabeth Chandler

Just for Fun

Here are some articles written by one of our staff members, Elizabeth Chandler, taking a humorous look at life with the animals. These articles were originally by Elizabeth in her role as Healthy Pet Editor for Positive Change Magazine in Sarasota, FL.

The Great Conspiracy

Creatures of Habit

It's Good to be Queen

Conversations with Dog

New Year's Resolutions

Cat's Rule

She Sleeps with the Furbies

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