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Holistic for Pets
Food of the Month, Specials and Events for May 2019

Kibble of the Month
Adirondack Kibble
20% OFF!

Entire Line for Dogs and Cats
Our unique process of cooking at a lower temperature for a longer period of time also helps your pet get the most nutrition to increase stamina and energy.

Canned Food of the Month
Dave's Pet Food
20% OFF!

Great Variety of Canned for Cats

Great Variety of Canned for Dogs
Man’s best friend and feline friends deserve
delicious and nutritious food at reasonable prices.

T-Shirts - 20% OFF!

Come in and Check out our Great Selection of T-Shirts for Mom!

Chala Purses and Bags - 20% OFF!

Jelly Bean Rugs - 20% OFF!

Upcoming Events:
Anesthesia-Free Dentals

Saturday, May 11
Usually the Second Saturday of the Month
Call to schedule an Appointment Today:
(Bradenton) – 941-753-7297

Click here for more information about EzPet Dental Care.

Bradenton Holistic for Pets — Located in the Ranch Lake Plaza

Sarasota Holistic for Pets — Located in the Sarasota Crossing Shopping Center

Holistic for Pets  |  5411 Fruitville Rd  |  Sarasota, Florida 34232  |  941-378-4367  |  CONTACT US
Holistic for Pets of Bradenton | River Club Plaza | 5770 Ranch Lake Blvd | Bradenton, FL 34202 | 941-753-PAWS(7297)

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