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About Us
At Holistic for Pets, our mission is to enlighten and educate pet lovers everywhere and give them the means to act on their new-found knowledge about the importance of quality food in their pets' diets. We all love our pets and our pets give us unconditional love in return. We want our pets to live long and happy lives. It is just as true for our pets as it is for us: they are what they eat and good health starts from the inside.

It is our earnest desire to help you find the food and/or supplements that work best for your pet's unique needs. But we go further than just nutrition; we also want to help you find the best and safest ways to transport your pet, to protect your pet from pests and parasites, and to offer holistic and homeopathic solutions for behavioral and health conditions.

Our History
Holistic for Pets evolved from one woman's desire to feed her own dogs and cats the best diet possible, supporting them throughout their lives with strong immune systems and good health. Val Clows is that woman and she began her journey to today's business fueled by a passionate love for animals. First she established a store in Sarasota and recently expanded to a second store in Bradenton, Florida.
What sets Holistic for Pets apart from other pet food stores, in addition to stocking only natural foods, is its knowledgeable and helpful staff. New customers get personal guidance in finding the right food and/or supplement for their pets and returning customers get the same care and assistance as they explore the extensive selection of holistic pet foods.
Our Staff
Val Clows - Founder and Owner
Val first became interested in holistic pet care after taking a seminar in 1986. When one of Val's dogs developed a major health challenge, some of what she learned in that seminar helped save her dog's life. She has continued to educate herself ever since, taking animal nutrition seminars with Wendy Volhart, co author of "Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog," and Ian Billinghurst, DVM, from Australia, author of many books and a pioneer in promoting raw feeding. Val is a Reiki Master, Certified Body Talk practitioner and has taken classes in CranioSacral, Homeopathy, and Kinesiology.

In addition to owning the store in Sarasota and the on-line store, Val is a co-founder of Southwest Great Dane Rescue and an avid agility competitor. Her Great Dane, Ross, who was a rescue, was one of the top Dane agility competitors in the country.

Kaleka, her Smooth Fox Terrier, is also multi-titled in Agility. During a long career in dogs, Val has titled Danes and Fox Terriers in Obedience and Conformation. She loves the Great Dane breed and currently owns three: Zoe (who turned 12 in 2007), Ross and Payton, in addition to Kaleka, her Fox Terrier. In addition, she is usually fostering several rescued Danes at her home.

Val is passionate about holistic health, both for pets and for herself (although she is just as prone to chocolate attacks as the rest of us mortals).

Nicole - Sarasota Store
You can find Nicole's smiling face at the Sarasota store. She grew up on a horse farm in Pennsylvania and has always had a passion for animals. Nicole moved to the area in 2010, determined to learn as much as possible about the pet industry. She lives with a yellow naped amazon named Guapo who graciously lets Nicole share his home. Guapo also allows Nicole to have more than a handful of reptiles and an assortment of freshwater and saltwater fish, plants and corals, although Guapo rules the roost! Fun fact: Boxers are one of Nicole's favorite dog breeds and to Guapo's disdain, she hopes to rescue one in the future.

Kyle - Bradenton Store, Manager
Kyle is the manager of our Bradenton store, and a jack-of-all-trades. As of 2014 he has 11 years of experience in the pet food industry under his belt. In his spare time, you'll find him researching anything animal-related as he is always striving to expand his knowledge on the health and well-being of our furry friends. Fun fact: likes comedy clubs and live sports events!

Kari - Bradenton Store
Kari is a Bradenton native and grew up around all things furry! She is a full-time associate at the Bradenton store and is in charge of our social media. Her knowledge of feline nutrition is extensive, and she loves helping customers choose a healthy diet for their four-legged family members. Kari shares her home with dogs, bunnies, and cats--including two Savannahs! Fun fact: her dogs are named after fictional characters, her rabbits' names all start with 'B', and her cats have Japanese names!

Monika - Bradenton Store
Monika is a part-time associate at the Bradenton store. She's our star merchandiser and is knowledgeable in all things canine! Monika has many years of experience in dog nutrition, as well as dog training and behavioral issues. She is very active in agility with her pup and loves outdoor activities. Fun fact: she hails from Warsaw, Poland.

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